Ich liebe Fanarts *-*


      Nawww Coco                            So süß *-*


night-crossing:  Top priority after school 🙌                  

Ich in reallife :D :3




Sandrine rechts ganz vornehm *-* <3


 ozkit:  I thought it’d be fun to sketch my Mayor with all the current villagers and - it was!  Kevin is just thrown in the background because he moved to my town after I’d already inked this drawing - so, I suppose it’s something of a photobomb. Dream Address 4500-3343-1219 if you’d like to visit.


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Das sollte man in acnl machen :3



  Make a Christmas wish!

 petal-parasol:  It’s not winter in Poppin’, but Bubbles really likes all these pretty lights, so… …Well, she tried.

 imfinallymayor:  I tried to decorate at least haha

  Mal so zu verreisen wäre toll *-*


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